About DIAL

The company «DIAL RAAMATUPIDAMINE LTD» – clever solutions for successful people !!!

The company “DIAL RAAMATUPIDAMINE OÜ” offers a wide range of accounting related services in Estonia.
Professional accounting is one of the most important elements of successful business. Sooner or later each organization faces the problem of finding a first-rate specialist, who can accomplish the task in the shortest possible time and within specified budget.
In a traditional sense, accountant is an employee, who performs daily financial operations and is responsible for reporting. However, it is not enough for today’s business. In order to work efficiently, enterprice needs an expert, who is able to plan deals, calculate financial and tax subtleties, being the leader’s supporter and speak with him the same business language.
Ideally, all these skills should be harmoniously united in one person. But, unfortunately, nowadays not all accountants are real professionals. Moreover, many enterprises can’t afford a comprehensive financial service in crisis conditions.

If you are seeking for professional accounting services, our company will help you. Make the right choice, and we will solve your problems!!!