Price list


Base price list, excluding VAT:

The price of the basic service is based on the volume of accounting documents in one month (most of which usually consists of sales invoices and purchase invoices).

Number of incident-based documents Approximate number of entries Base price (eurodes)
until 10 until 20 60
11 until 50 21 until 100 125
51 until 100 101 until 200 160
101 until 150 201 until 300 200
151 until 200 301 until 400 240
201 until 250 401 until 500 275
251 until 300 501 until 600 315
301 until 350 601 until 700 by agreement

Base service includes:

– the control, systematization and recording of the accounting documents in the general ledger;
– restatement of sales invoices and receipts;
– restatment of purchase invoices and payments;
– preparation of cash advance / card payment invoice receipts;
– registration of travel reports;
– cash register processing;
– accounting for fixed assets;
– preparation and transmission of reports (profit and loss account, sales controller, purchasing account)
– drafting and submitting a VAT return (KMD);
– Drawing up and submission of income and social tax returns (excluding TSD Annexes 1-3, see Additional Payroll Report).

Price list for additional services, excluding VAT:

Service Price
 Salary calculation (up to 5 employees)  every employee 7 eurot/per month
 Salary calculation (5 and more employees)  every fifth employee 32 eurot/per month
 Make bank transfers  30% basic price eurot/per month
 Preparation of the annual report  basic price eurot/report, min 75 eurot / report
 Representation and other accountant  40 eurot/an hour
 Consultation  (basic customer service up to 1 hour per month) free of charge
 Consultation  40 eurot/tund

Description of additional services:

– Salary calculation:
payroll and vacation calculations, preparation and submission of Annexes 1-3 of the Declaration of Income and Social Tax (TSD), issuance of certificates
– Bank transfers:
purchase invoice payments, wages and tax transfers
– Preparation of the annual report:
preparation of the annual report in accordance with the Accounting Act and good practice
– Representation and other accountant work:
representation in institutions and enterprises and work of other accountants based on hourly prices
– Consultation:
accounting and tax consultancy on an hourly basis
– Add Reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Other Reports for additional consideration.